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    Posted on: August 23rd, 2012

    Greetings from the CLEAA Board!  It has been nearly a year Since CLEAA was established.  I want to personally thank everyone who had the vision to develop a transparent, dedicated group that would serve its membership with a better plan than experienced in the past.  It begins with the support and legal counsel of Mike Storie, whose dedication and commitment to officers is witnessed on a regular basis in the field , the personnel hearing rooms and in court rooms  across the state. Critical to the daily operations and growth of CLEAA is the CLEAA Executive leadership of Bill Bonanno, Chairman; Deb Pela, Vice Chair; Rebekah Trexler, Secretary; Colin King, Treasurer and Jessie Faircloth, Organizer.  Assisting the Executive Board is Administrative assistant Michelle Doggett  and Lobbyist Jason Winsky.

    As you may know, CLEAA has taken a significant step forward in the arena of politics and  Law Enforcement in Arizona. Our affiliation With the Arizona Police Association (APA) is analogous to the affiliation many of us previously experienced with the National Coalition of Public Safety Officers (NCPSO). However,  this time, it is meaningful in that it is local and “rooted” in Arizona.  Let’s be clear that CLEAA has affiliated with APA and is now a member group with full autonomy independent of APA.  The affiliation provides statewide respect and access at the Capitol, which never before completely materialized, over 10,000 members to move the CLEAA agenda, a lobbying firm collaborating with CLEAA lobbyists and shared office space both in Tucson and Phoenix. CLEAA has affiliated under an exclusive plan that is graduated over three years and paid quarterly.  If the membership chooses, services could be expanded further, dependent on future growth of CLEAA and the specific needs of new CLEAA members around the state.

    Contrary to malicious rumors of dues in Excess of $72,000 , CLEAA pays the affiliation fee of $6,000 in its first year , $7,500 in year 2 and $9, 000 year 3 and thereafter. These listed fees will in no way affect membership dues for any CLEAA member group. The resultant benefit is a lobbying firm, member strength, office space and established influence at the Capitol (to enhance and protect our professions). These are the reasons CLEAA accepted the APA offer after many months of discussion. CLEAA brings similar credentials to the table including a tested legal plan, two lobbyists (one with both police and probation experience) and veteran leadership.  CLEAA provides  a southern Arizona presence with 11 groups and significant growth potential; the most recent  group affiliating with CLEAA being the Pima County Correctional Officers Association in January of 2013.

    Our vision as CLEAA has always been committed to serving membership by moving forward; believing that any “looks” backward would be counterproductive to a healthy organization and would indeed take the CLEAA “eye off the prize”.  We at CLEAA encourage open and constructive dialogue in the interest of Law Enforcement; support us and, if you see fit, join us and make a difference.

    Stay Safe,

    For the Executive Board, Lu Ebratt Executive Director