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Congratulations to the endorsed candidates who won their race!

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    Posted on: November 21st, 2012

    Congratulations to the following endorsed candidates who won their races:

    Paul Gosar (R) CD 4

    Matt Salmon (R) CD5

    Ron Barber (D) CD 2

    Kyrsten Sinema (D) CD 9



    Clarence Dupnik, Pima


    State Representatives:

    Eddie Farnsworth (R) 12

    Justin Olson (R) 25

    Justin Pierce (R) 25

    Rob Robson (R) 18

    Ruben Gallego (D) 27



    Andy Biggs (R) 12

    Rich Crandall (R) 16

    John McComish (R) 18

    John Nelson


    Glendale Mayor:

    Jerry Weiers (R)