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Government Affairs Update

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    Posted on: December 3rd, 2012

    Fellow Members,


    It’s been a busy few weeks for CLEAA as we prepare for the upcoming legislative session. We’ve been doing a lot of listening to our membership about what their priorities are when it comes to our State Government.

    Members a CLEAA also attended a meeting with the Arizona Attorney General, Tom Horne. He wanted to discuss with us an important priority for his office in the upcoming year: the problems in Colorado City.

    Without delving too much into this issue, Colorado City is a small town on the northern border of Arizona, which is based upon a particular religion. Over the past several years, information has been developed that there are many and varied civil rights abuses against citizens of the town, by the local authorities there. These abuses have mostly target the female portion of the population. We know this because occasionally a person “leaves” the town and contacts the media about what is occurring there.

    So what does this have to do with law enforcement and CLEAA? Well it appears that the town has formed a “Colorado City Marshal’s” office, or police force. Information is being developed that the police force itself is involved in the civil rights abuses.

    The Arizona Attorney General asked CLEAA (and the other major law enforcement groups such as APA) to endorse a bill his office is going to push at the State Legislature that would expand his and AZPOST’s ability to simply disband a police department that is found to be corrupt. In the current state of the bill, the ultimate authority to disband a police department would rest with the Attorney General.

    Of course the obvious concern to CLEAA and others is the potential that one person would be given too much authority to disband a police department deemed to be corrupt. We anticipate working with the Attorney General’s office on language that would be more acceptable to our members. Please stayed tuned to this website for updates.

    In other news, we are developing legislation for consideration that is a priority for our members. These include traffic statute changes and as always, title 38 protections for police and probation officers. I’ll go into more detail about the bills we are going to sponsor in a later post.

    As always, our number one priority for the upcoming session will be protecting our members pensions and employment protections. I am always looking for volunteers for the government affairs committee, and ideas for legislation or otherwise. Please feel free to email me any questions or concerns as needed. We’ll keep everyone updated as the session begins.


    Jason Winsky

    Government Affairs Director