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CLEAA Executive Director Lu Ebratt meets with Representative Justin Olson

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    Posted on: December 17th, 2012

    On Wednesday December 12 , CLEAA Executive Director Lu Ebratt met with Representative Justin Olson (LD 25) to discuss the 2013 Legislative session.  Topics included the scheduled introduction of CLEAA on both the Senate and House floors, pension issues and sponsorship of CLEAA legislation.  Representative Olson has agreed to be the primary sponsor on the expansion of 38-1109 : Law Enforcement Officers; fitness for duty examinations  and officer rights , as it relates to probation officers.  Earlier this month Lu met with Senate President Andy Biggs (LD 12) and  Representative Eddie Farnsworth (LD 12 ), House Judiciary Chair,  and they have agreed to introduce CLEAA  on their respective “floors”  to show support of our organization as  session begins .  Representative Farnsworth has tentatively approved sponsorship on legislation that would narrow /strengthen  38-1108 as it relates to confidentiality for all our members.  Lu will meet with Justin Pierce, House Public Safety Chair (LD 25),  on December 17th  to once again discuss the role of CLEAA in Arizona.  Representative Pierce worked with Director Ebratt in passage of contagious disease legislation for our members in the 2012 session.