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Action at the Capitol

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    Posted on: February 21st, 2013

    There are approximately 11 anti-union bills at the AZ Capitol this year, many of which are a continuation of last year’s vitriol, by the “usual suspects”.  These Bills are on occasion “mirrored” in both houses and range from payroll  deduction prohibition to release time and open meeting changes.  The bottom line is they are meant to disrupt free association of our groups and deprive our townships and counties of local control.   Since before the beginning of session CLEAA and its APA affiliate have had “boots on the ground”.  This tactic has proven effective and established substantial political  partnerships along the way. Multiple meetings and personal discussions with legislative leadership have been encouraging.  The recent article in the Arizona Capitol Times ,dated 2/15/13 and featured on the CLEAA website, speaks to the commitment by Speaker Andy Tobin to Law Enforcement. A similar commitment to our public safety community has also been expressed by  Senate President Andy Biggs.  Consequently, our combined groups do not have to resort to poorly timed ”last minute alert  bulletins” asking membership to do the job tasked of its executive team.  Reckless and uninformed emails to legislators are more of an irritant than they are helpful.  Instead membership energy should be directed to President Biggs and Speaker Tobin thanking them for their support.  Allow the leaders and lobbyist of CLEAA and APA to do their jobs by virtue of their vigilant presence and knowledge of how to get things done  at the Capitol.  WE have boots on the ground!