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Boots on the Ground

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    Posted on: February 22nd, 2013

    By a vote of 17-12 SB 1182 failed to pass Senate Floor action.  CLEAA/APA was in attendance with all the MAJOR public safety unions as the votes were cast.  The resultant bi-partisan vote was the direct result of many personal discussions with both democrats and republicans by the aforementioned unions. Special thanks need to be extended to Senators Rich Crandall  R(LD16), Adam Driggs R(LD28) ,  John McComish R (LD18) and Bob Worsley R (LD25)  who chose to stand with Public Safety and the rights of local control in Arizona.

    This vote today bodes well for the defeat of the remaining anti-law enforcement legislation that is pending in this year’s session.  It also gives credence to the public, pro LE statements by House Speaker Andy Tobin (featured in the Az Capitol Times).  If you haven’t thanked him yet, now is a good time!

    Please see the bill verbiage below that was defeated today:




    Beginning October 1, 2013, a “public employer” (defined) is prohibited from deducting any third party payment from an employee’s paycheck unless the employee annually provides advance express written or electronic authorization. Some exceptions. Severability clause. Emergency clause.

    ARS Titles Affected: 23

    First sponsor: Sen. Griffin