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Great news on the Anti-Union Bill today everyone!

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    Posted on: February 22nd, 2013

    “Today several board members of CLEAA met with Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne. Those in attendance were Bill Bonanno, Chairman, Colin King, Treasurer, Jason Winsky, Government Affairs Director, and Roland Gutierrez, TPOA Vice President. Levi Bolton from APA also attended. We discussed with the Attorney General several law enforcement related bills moving through the Legislature.

    S1086: Motorcycle “profiling”
    This bill would require AZPOST to develop a “training course” that would require all Peace Officers to “learn” how not to profile motorcycle riders. The bill would, in effect, make motorcycle riders a protected class (like gender, race, etc). We find this bill to be patently and categorically offensive to Police Officers and we oppose it. Incidentally, so does AZPOST. The Attorney General stated he would look into supporting us against this bill.

    HB 2656: Arming Teachers
    As many of you may have heard, the Attorney General introduced a bill allowing one teacher per school to attend a 24 hour training course and then carry weapons on campus. This issue is not only controversial but a logistical hornet’s nest. For now, questions outweigh answers. Will the teachers get new background checks? Will they be AZPOST certified in some way? What kinds of firearms will they be allowed to carry? And ammunition? This issue is in it’s infancy and I’ll keep everyone updated as things progress.

    HB 2648: De-Certifying Police Departments

    As I’ve posted before, there is a bill moving through the legislature that would allow a County Board of Supervisors and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office to disband a Police Department that is deemed to be corrupt. Once again this issue is a quagmire and we are very wary of giving a County or any single person the power to disband a Department. I’ll keep everyone updated on this issue as well.

    HB 2262Metal Scrap Regulation
    As many of you know from the media attention it received, it was recently discovered that the Scrap Metal Industry is largely unregulated and fraught with criminal activity. Lt. Kasmar of TPD began working with other Police Departments around the State to develop legislation to regulate this industry. It is important for members to know that HB 2262 is NOT a consensus bill, is NOT a stakeholder bill, and Police Department across the State do not agree with the language in it. This bill favors the industry and the sponsor has refused to even meet with law enforcement official to correct the bill.

    We are about halfway through our legislative session this year. As always please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at anytime, or 520-360-1681.

    Stay safe out there,
    Jason Winsky