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    Posted on: August 4th, 2013

    We hope everyone is having a happy and safe summer. Luis Ebratt and
    Jason Winsky continue to monitor pending changes to ARS 38-1101, which
    is the legal basis for most Law Enforcement and Probation Officers

    Luis is also serving on a Graffiti Task Force, which is considering
    statutory changes related to the prosecution of vandalism offenses.

    This week, the CLEAA board and looked at office space in Tucson. While
    office space in Tucson has always been a goal for CLEAA, there’s a lot
    of properties on the market and we want to make sure we get the right
    space for the right price.

    Finally, as many as you may have heard, Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy
    Jesus Davila was shot and wounded while attempting an arrest. He is at
    a local hospital and is expected to fully recover. Please join us in
    wishing him well.

    As always, stay safe out there
    Your CLEAA Team