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Government Affairs Update

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    Posted on: February 24th, 2014

    We’re about halfway through the Arizona State Legislative Session and
    there’s a lot to report, so we apologize for the length of this
    message in advance. This year, there is a lot of good news. Here’s a
    breakdown of some bills at the Legislature that will affect us all:

    House Bill 2164: This is our laser bill designed to prohibit/punish
    those who intentionally or knowingly aim a laser at an occupied
    aircraft. In order to get the bill passed we made a compromise for a
    juvenile misdemeanor, but adults will still be charged with an F5. The
    bill passed the House 58-2 and is now in the Senate.

    House Bill 2323: This bill establishes the “Blue Alert” system, which
    allows DPS to make immediate notifications to Law Enforcement Officers
    and Agencies whenever an Officer is injured or killed. The
    notification would include the suspect description (if available). The
    Blue Alert system would function much like the Amber Alert does. This
    is a major step forward for Officer and Public Safety and this is
    something we’ve been working on for several years. The bill passed the
    House 60-0 and is now in the Senate.

    House Bill 2562: We have spent the last year working with the
    Legislature on a comprehensive reform to ARS 38-1101, which contains
    all of our rights as Peace Officers. One of the major changes is that
    there will now be a built in consequence to management missing
    discipline deadlines, up to and including the dismissal of the
    discipline. The bill is waiting for a vote before the full House. This
    bill will be beneficial to Law Enforcement Officers around the State
    and would not have been possible without the efforts of the Combined
    Law Enforcement Associations of Arizona and the Arizona Police

    House Bill 2199: This bill corrects our brake light which will allow
    us to again make traffic stops for broken tail lights. The bill passed
    committee is awaiting vote of the full House.

    We started the legislative session with a multitude of bills designed
    to reduce our pension benefits. We’ve been telling you for several
    years how the Legislature has considered reducing your benefits, and
    we’re very happy to report that this year, none of the bills seem to
    have traction. This is truly a testament to the relationships we’ve
    built over the years at the Capitol.

    Your CLEAA Team