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Government Affairs Update

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    Posted on: June 16th, 2014

    As the Legislative Session in Phoenix came to a close we wanted to
    provide you all with some of the important legislation that was

    Laser Pointer/Aircraft: It is now a class one misdemeanor to knowingly
    or intentionally aim a laser at an occupied aircraft.

    National Instant Criminal Background Checks: The State is working on
    getting all law enforcement personnel the ability to know when a
    person is a prohibited possessor for mental health reasons. We’ll
    update you as details become available on how that information will be

    Silver Alert System: DPS will add missing/vulnerable adults to their
    State-wide alert system.

    Blue Alert System: DPS will also add active/ongoing law enforcement
    incidents and suspect information to their State-wide alert system.

    Human Trafficking and Prostitution: Adds child prostitution and sex
    trafficking to the definition of racketeering.

    CPS: The state allocated $80 million to try and revamp our Child
    Welfare system. This may lead to to the way we interact with the
    Agency and we’ll provide you all more details as they become

    Federal Legislation

    There are a few pending federal items that CLEAA members spoke to
    elected officials about during Police Week in Washington, DC.

    The first is “Smarter Sentencing” which is legislation that would set
    a large number of federal prisoners free earlier than their original
    sentences. The legislation is attempting to target non-violent drug
    offenses. Obviously, we are wary of any legislation that sets
    convicted felons free, so we are monitoring the details of this
    legislation as it is changed/amended.

    Several Arizona federal Representatives and Senators are also
    considering additional grants for Arizona Law Enforcement Agencies to
    hire more personnel. One idea being considered is a grant for school
    resource Officers. We will keep you updated as details develop.