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2015 Legislation Update

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    Posted on: January 30th, 2015

    The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Arizona is working diligently with our partners at the Arizona Police Association (APA) to monitor over 800 separate pieces of legislation that have been filed this year at the Arizona State Legislature.

    The partnerships that we have built over the years at the State Capitol continue to pay dividends. This year, many of you may have heard of House Bill 2542, relating to union dues deductions. Unlike past years, this bill is sponsered by only one Representative and has not gained any traction (as of yet). Obviously, this is something that we will stay closely on top of.

    CLEAA is sponsoring legislation that would create a state-wide ban (prohibition) on police department ticket quotas. Earlier this week, members of CLEAA and APA testified in House Committee for the bill. We are pleased to report that the legislation, although opposed by the Association of Arizona Chiefs of Police, passed House Committee with a vote of 8-0.

    CLEAA has also sponsored legislation to correct Arizona’s tail light statute. As many of you know, the Arizona State Supreme Court, a few years ago, ruled that entire statute as too vague to enforce. We expect this bill to pass the Legislature this year.

    Executive Director /Legislative Addendum

    2015 52nd Legislature, 1st Regular Session

    There are many notable pieces of legislation to be dealt with in the current session; many of which have been discussed in stakeholder’s meetings since the Summer of 2014. Foremost is the discussion of Pension reform as it relates to PSPRS system and its related CORP group. These two pensions oversee the bulk of the CLEAA membership. Presently, through the cooperative efforts of Police and fire, and Representative Karen Fann (LD1) a Public Safety referendum is being advanced/discussed that will galvanize (among other issues) the irrevocable defined benefit package our members signed on for when they took the oath to serve the public. Members will be updated as this legislation develops.

    ARS 38-1101 is sponsored by Senator Sylvia Allen (LD6) and the Senator has helped draft a very favorable bill that will hold employers to account if there are violations of “Due Process”. CLEAA has participated in all stakeholders meetings to date and would encourage members to reach out to Senator Allen for her work on behalf of our officers.

    S1300 (follow link) Sponsored by Senator John Kavanaugh (LD23) provides parameters for the use of a body camera if instituted by a jurisdiction. Throughout the initial stakeholder meeting attended by CLEAA it was apparent that the officer’s rights were a top priority and that media demands to recorded data would be weighed for relevance before release to the public.

    H2511i (follow link) Sponsored by Representative Reginald Bolding ( LD27 ) Requires that all officers wear a body camera. No stakeholder’s meetings were held prior to the release of this bill.

    H2163i ( Follow link ) Sponsored By Representative Sonny Borrelli (LD5) sought to give warrantless search and seizure power to police for individuals on probation (currently available to probation officer authority) . Bill “killed” by sponsor after discussion with CLEAA.

     H2089i ( follow link) Sponsored by Rep Sonny Borrelli (LD5) seeks to add elected officials to the definition in the Agg Assault Statute. CLEAA is asking Probation, Surveillance and Juvenile detention officers be specified as well. Representative Borrelli has agreed in principle to this amendment.

     H2272i (follow link) Sponsored by Rep. Borrelli allows officers falling under the PSPRS system to purchase service firearms at “less than fair market value” following retirement. CLEAA has asked to include probation surveillance & DOC parole officers in CORP/ASRS to be given the same choice.

    Last, Senator Steve Smith (LD11) is considering a bill that would allow for a waiting period to release the identity of an officer following a “use of force” by the officer to insure the safety of the officer and family members. Under consideration is 90 days or until after the County attorney in the jurisdiction has determined the shooting justified.