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Understanding the Threat to America

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    Posted on: February 10th, 2015

    March 2-4th, 2015 – (First day registration – 0800 hrs) – This training is free to APA members and their guest.  All guests must be pre-registered by providing their names and the host organization.  Credentials will be checked at registration.

    Understanding the Threat to America

    3 Day Program

    This course is intended for individuals whose professional duties involve the Global War on Terror

    Day 1: Provides attendees a detailed and factual understanding of the overall enemy strategy, history of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, the Jihadi Movement in the United States, the relationship between violent jihadi organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood, specific Muslim Brotherhood organizations and leadership, and provides examples of how they operate within our system to subvert our laws and foundational systems. A significant portion of the materials covered relate to the US v Holy Land Foundation trial (Dallas, 2008) and its implications – the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial successfully prosecuted in U.S. history.

    Day 2: Provides an understanding of Sharia, to include how it was developed, its authority, and its relation to threats posed by jihadis. Additionally, critical principles within Sharia are taught to provide attendees an understanding of how it is practically applied by jihadis today and why it is relevant for local law enforcement. It is made clear that once this doctrine is understood, the U.S. intelligence community and local law enforcement can begin to make predictive analysis based on likely courses of actions on the part of our enemies.

    Day 3: The threat from the Islamic Movement is detailed for the local community in which the presenters are teaching. Specific local organizations and leaders are identified by name and their activities detailed. Tribal and Cultural Dynamics are provided to give attendees an understanding of how to best approach and interact with individuals and entities they come across in their work. The Principles of an Insurgency and Counterinsurgency are reviewed. With the knowledge of how the enemy operates and the doctrine utilized to further its cause, it is critical to provide strategies, tactical solutions, and intelligence led operations to the military, law enforcement, intelligence community and others. Key elements of a counter to the Muslim Brotherhood’s movement are discussed and include: identifying specific ways to obtain reasonable suspicion and/or probable cause to give law enforcement options to open investigations, obtain search warrants, or utilize specific investigative partners; and using the enemy doctrine to support friendly operations. Techniques on individuals suspected of nefarious activity; developing an information base via asset recruitment, penetration of hostile organizations; ideas for penetrating suspected locations/organizations; developing intricate operations on limited budgets at the local levels; technical coverage and ways to disrupt the enemy communications/activities; maximizing resources within fusion centers or federal


    HOSTED BY: Arizona Police Association
    Training Site Address:
    Mesa Police Department
    3260 N. 40th St.
    Mesa, AZ 85215