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Government Affairs Update

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    Posted on: September 30th, 2015

    Fellow Members,

    As we rapidly approach the 2016 Arizona Legislative session we wanted to update you on several issues on the horizon.

    We anticipate two major issues involving your pensions in 2016: PSPRS Pension Reform and Reverse Drop for CORP. As a result of litigation that curtailed previous reforms, we once again have found ourselves facing an underfunded PSPRS pension system. As a result, the Arizona Legislature is expected to once again consider pension reform. With the recent decisions by the Arizona Supreme Court, that current employee benefits cannot be diminished, it seems clear that the only modifications that can be made to PSPRS is in the area of new hires. This is commonly referred to as “Tier 3.”

    The idea CLEAA has been presented with is to adjust the retiree benefits of these new hire/Tier 3 employees, as well as increasing their employee contribution. Before any decisions are made, we will consult with each of our member organizations and receive your input.

    The second issue CLEAA is focused on is CORP Reverse Drop. As you may have heard, this important program is set to expire in 2016. CLEAA is pleased to announce that the Arizona Police Association, and their Chief lobbyist Mike Williams, has agreed to place this item at the top of their legislative agenda. CLEAA Government Affairs Director Jason Winsky will also monitor the effort to renew this vital program.

    Other legislative items for 2016 include a brake light technical correction and a Juvenile Probation/Dependent technical language correction.If you have ideas for legislation, please do not hesitate to contact Jason Winsky at

    Your CLEAA Team