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Verizon Update

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    Posted on: December 9th, 2015

    Below are the new Verizon plans and the pricing for the phones (which are subject to change). If you are coming from another provider, you will get the discounted pricing and have to pick a data plan. If you already have an account with APA, if you were to upgrade and take the discounted price, or were to change or add to your account, and depends on what needs to be added, then everyone on your account will be kicked off the unlimited data plan and have to choose a data package that everyone would have to share. OR pay full retail price for the phone to keep the unlimited data plan. You can also purchase a phone elsewhere, as long as it is Verizon compatible and not in a contract, and have Verizon activate the number to that phone.

    New Plans

    VZ Equip Matrix 112315