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Exciting Verizon Update

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    Posted on: July 5th, 2016

    Exciting news!  Effective today, July 5th, 2016 Verizon has brought back the old Unlimited Data plans for all lines on our account.  Our accounts qualify for the following:
    • Unlimited data for smartphones and jetpacks (VZW may reduce your data throughout speeds when connected to a congested cell site.  The reduction can last for the remainder of the current bill cycle and the immediately following bill cycle to ensure high quality network performance for others at locations and times of peak demand)
    • Monthly and Quarterly equipment promotions
    • 25% discount on accessories
    • Upgrade eligibility every 10 months
    • 1 year contract
    • No activation fees
    • Free shipping
    *Due to the nature of changes on our account, please remember that users cannot purchase or receive service in retail store locations or customer service center.
    What does this mean for me?
    • I upgraded in October last year to avoid loosing unlimited data and have not upgraded since.
    Your unlimited data will remain and you will still be eligible at the 10 month increment.
    • I have upgraded since October and opted to change my plan to avoid paying full retail.
    We can bring you back to Unlimited data if you would like, or you can stay on the unlimited minutes plan.
    • I want to add the Unlimited Hotspot Feature to my line.
    We can add Unlimited hotspot feature for an additional $10.00 per line on most Government plans.
    We appreciate your patience as we work to meet the needs of our members.