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The 100 Club of Arizona’s 2017-2018 Online Scholarship Application Program Opens 1/17/2017

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    Posted on: January 11th, 2017

    With a New Year just around the corner, it also symbolizes the start of the 100 Club’s Annual Scholarship Application season for young people either heading toward college soon or already in the midst of their undergraduate education.  The 100 Club’s Annual Scholarship Program for the 2017-2018 school year will kick off on Tues., January 17, 2017 via the scholarship page on the 100 Club’s web site,  PLEASE NOTE this important change for the 2017 Scholarship Year:  the 100 Club will only be accepting 200 scholarship applications.  As a result, there is no deadline for submissions as once the system has received 200 submissions, it will no longer accept any more applications. The continuous explosive growth of this program, along with the costs of managing such a large program, has dictated a need for a more manageable and sustainable number of applications.  Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as soon as the open date (1/17/2017) hits. Students who submitted scholarship applications last year will already be familiar with the online application system.

    ALSO:  Another significant and exciting change made to this year’s program is the inclusion of active first responders (E.g., law enforcement officers and Fire Fighters) who may wish to return to school to further their education in their existing fields. These active first responder must attend full time (12 hours or more) like any other student and continue their studies in law enforcement or fire science fields to qualify. All students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher in order to apply.  Please note; however, that like many other academic scholarships, the 100 Club of Arizona reserves the right to change this or other requirements at any time in the future.

    Scholarship application points are based on objective elements only:  GPA, volunteer hours, four 100-word short answer questions, and a 750-word essay response to a specific prompt. 

    Interested applicants (children or spouses of a public safety officer or firefighter and/or active officers or firefighters) can get started (as of 1/17/17) by visiting the Scholarship page on the 100 Club’s web site. 

    Should you have any questions or need assistance in completing the application, you may contact the independent Scholarship Program Manager on behalf of the 100 Club, Mary Martha Gingerella, at or (480)329-0450 or Suzanne at the 100 Club office at 602-485-0100.

    CLEAA now is offering three scholarships! ($5,000 each)
    AZPOA continues to offer two scholarships! ($5,000 each)

    About 100 Club’s Scholarship Program:

    The 100 Club of Arizona’s Scholarship Program was established in 2006 to provide undergraduate financial education assistance for immediate family members (spouses, children, and in some cases, grandchildren) of active, retired or deceased public safety officers and firefighters throughout the state of Arizona. Since its inception in 2006, the 100 Club has awarded more than $1 million to hundreds of students statewide. 100 Club Scholarships have reduced the significant financial burden of college tuition for students in public safety families across Arizona.

    The 100 Club’s scholarship program is funded solely through generous community donations and committed giving by our sponsors. We are very thankful for each and every one of our donors; without them, we would be unable to offer this successful and impactful college assistance program. Many of our scholarships are what we refer to as “Named Scholarships,” meaning that a family has donated money to award in honor or memory of a loved one who has passed. Other scholarships may be sponsored by a local business; however, the majority of awarded scholarships are ‘100 Club Scholarships’ that come from money raised throughout the year by way of community donations and other fundraisers promoted by our local community partners.

    The exponential growth of the Scholarship Program required a throughout and independent evaluation of the program in 2012 by a group of volunteer educators and business professionals. Based on the recommendations of the volunteer evaluators, the 100 Club’s former Executive Director, Sharon Knutson-Felix, engaged an independent third party group of experienced educational professionals to maintain the Scholarship Program’s integrity. The use of this third party group, led by Mary Martha Gingerella, ensures fairness and equity for all Scholarship Program applicants in this highly competitive environment. Unlike most educational scholarship awards that use academic ranking and grade point average (GPA) to dictate their awards, the 100 Club utilizes an objective scoring rubric to assess various areas of an applicant’s life that coincide with the 100 Club’s mission. Scholarship recipients will be picked based on their ability to be a representative of the 100 Club; a scholarship representative would be involved in our community, have a reasonable GPA, and would provide insight into other areas of their life by effectively communicating responses to a series of short answer questions and a relevant essay prompt.

    Scholarship Types, Criteria, and Timeline:

    Types:Scholarships may be awarded to eligible persons wishing to pursue a course of study beyond high school as an undergraduate student. Awards are not available to those seeking a post-graduate college degree (Master’s Degree).  Eligible programs include but are not limited to:  

    • Accredited colleges and universities
    • Post secondary trade schools

     The 100 Club scholarship awards are one-time (or for one year) and funds are issued directly to the attending institution for tuition, books, fees, and/or housing. All funds must be used during this year, and are split in two payments: one check to the school in Fall and the other (providing the recipient is meeting the GPA requirements from the Fall semester) made in January for the Spring semester.  

    Criteria:While applicants do not need to be financial supporters of the 100 Club to be eligible to apply for a scholarship, they MUST be the spouse or child (natural or adopted) of an active, retired, or deceased police officer or firefighter.

    Timeline:Each scholarship is based on an academic year. For example, if an applicant will graduating high school or returning to school in Fall 2016 (academic year: 2016-17) and are interested in applying for a scholarship, they will need to apply for the 100 Club’s Scholarship Application Process which opens the first week in January and closes the first week in March each year.  Notifications of award/no award are made by the first week in May.   The annual Jason Schechterle Scholarship Ball (which recognizes all the scholarship recipients who were notified in May) is held the third or fourth Saturday in September.

    The 100 Club is extremely grateful for the everyday sacrifices all of you make to protect our community. We welcome the opportunity to assist you and your families in pursuing a higher education!