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    Posted on: February 15th, 2018

    The Arizona Police Association (APA) and its members have been very active and successful in promoting
    the interest of Arizona Law Enforcement at the Arizona Capital this week. Here is a short recap of our
    bills that made it out of committee.
    HB 2384; Unlawful flight; vehicle impoundment. This bill was initially brought forth by Tucson Police
    Officers Association (TPOA). It allows officers to impound vehicles used in felony flight. The second half
    of this bill was initiated by Mesa Police Association (MPA) It allows for a suspect to be charged with
    felony flight if it can be proven the suspect knowingly fled from officers in a vehicle even if the officers
    are driving unmarked cars. This bill passed out of the JPS committee on a 9-0 vote. The APA is the SOLE
    police labor group introducing and fighting for this bill.
    HB 2501; PTSD: workers compensation; presumption. This bill was initiated by Phoenix Law Enforcement
    Association (PLEA) and the APA. This bill is in furtherance of the PTSD bill passed last year after the tragic
    loss/suicide of Phoenix Police Officer Craig Tiger. The bill provides substantial treatment for PTSD on the
    front end in hopes of returning the officer/firefighter to full duty and a normal life. The second part,
    should the officer not be able to return to work provides a presumption that the PTSD was in fact job
    related. After a very emotional hearing in which officer Craig Tigers former wife (Retired Phoenix Police
    Officer Rebecca Tiger) and mother of his two surviving children testified to the devastation untreated
    PTSD can cause. The APA originally had the bill drafted for police officers only. However, in talking with
    the Firefighters it was clear they needed to be included in this legislation as well. They were very helpful,
    given their medical treatment experience in drafting the treatment component of the bill. The HB 2501
    passed out of the Health committee 9-0. This bill was introduced by the APA because of the loss of APA
    member Craig Tiger. After the initial drafting of the bill, we invited the IAFF to join the effort on behalf of
    their members.
    HB 2383; Emergency vehicles; probation officers. This bill was initiated by the Arizona Probation Officers
    Association (AZPOA) and the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Arizona (CLEAA). It allows, at
    the discretion of the county probation director, to put emergency lights on some probation officers’
    vehicles. Currently a small number of probation officers are assigned to probation violation/warrant
    pickups and multi-agency task forces. These probation officers wear ballistic vest, badges, and carry
    guns while carrying out enforcement/apprehensions. Occasionally they are in situations that emergency
    lights would assist them in their operations and provide greater safety to the community. The bill passed
    out of committee 5-3. The APA was the SOLE police labor group introducing and fighting for this bill.

    SB 1498; AZPOST Board members, this bill adds qualifications to the peer member positions, stating that
    the members must be a rank and file officer/deputy AND have knowledge and experience in
    representing law enforcement officers in disciplinary case. This will ensure there is a true rank and file
    perspective on the board and ensure there are knowledgeable members regarding officer due process
    rights. This bill passed out of committee 9-0. The APA was the SOLE police labor group introducing and
    fighting for this bill.

    HB2562; Crime, emergency services stats/website, this bill mandates police departments post monthly
    stats such as UCR, calls for service, arrest, and response times on their websites. This is another APA bill

    that we invited IAFF to join, it also mandates that fire department/districts post their data on their
    websites as well. This bill passed out of committee 6-1. Again, the APA was the only police labor group
    to introduce and fight for this bill.

    The APA has several other bills waiting committee hearing over the next couple of weeks. We will keep
    you advised as the progress.