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About Us

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    This Association shall be a free and voluntary organization, composed of law enforcement officers employed in the State of Arizona. The objectives of the Association are to preserve and strengthen comradeship among its members; to improve the wages, to increase job security; to better the working conditions and living conditions of its members and their families; to promote interests of its members and their families; to defend and extend democratic institutions and procedures and civil rights and liberties of its members and their families; and to maintain true allegiance and faith in the laws of the State of Arizona and the Constitution of the United States of America.


    Any adopted goals must be realistic and adaptive to change

    • Maintaining a balanced budget with an emphasis on optimizing the core services and improving the savings plan so that in future years the reserve account can become an investment asset.
    • Focusing on all Statewide legislative & National congressional issues to ensure the best interests of our members are maintained.
    • Developing legislative outreach to our affiliate association members so that we additionally provide support on local-level issues for themBecoming more responsive to changing membership needs that benefit the majority through adaptability by following change process as outlined in the bylaws.
    • Reducing overhead of office spaces while at the same time improving our stakeholder outreach by rotating our board meeting locations.
    • Providing a legal plan and legal plan administration that is second to none.
    • Educating the membership on what we provide for them, where their dues go, and ensuring that they will be able to identify our mission and goals by utilizing the website, meetings, the trustees, etc.
    • Promoting our membership and our Association by building our brand and ensuring a clear marketing message to the community and to the politicians.


    Board Members

    Brian Armbruster

    Vice Chairman

    Contact Me: barmbruster@cleaa.usClick To Read Bio

    John Herold


    Contact Me: jherold@cleaa.usClick To Read Bio

    Jobe Dickinson


    Contact Me: jobe@cleaa.usClick To Read Bio

    Jason Winsky

    Board Chairman

    Contact Me: jwinsky@cleaa.usClick To Read Bio

    Legal Counsel

    Michael Storie

    Lead Legal Counsel

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    Appointed Positions

    Michelle Doggett

    Administrative Assistant

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    CLEAA Associations

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      Elliot Sneezy
    • Arizona Probation Officers Association
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    • Pima County Probation Officers Association
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    • Sierra Vista Police Officers Association
      Sean Brownson
    • Tucson Police Officers Association
      Anthony Archibald
    • Pima County Sheriff’s Commanders Association
      Harold “Buddy” Janes
    • Pima County Correctional Officers Association
      Michael Dominguez
    • Marana Officers Association
      Brian A Neuman
    • Cochise County Law Enforcement Association
      Randal Wilson
    • Arizona Game and Fish
      Nathaniel Foley
    • Tucson Police Commanders Association
      Steve Simmers