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Constitution & Bylaws

ARTICLE       I           Name and duration of Association

ARTICLE       II         Objectives of Association

ARTICLE       III        Executive Board

ARTICLE       IV        Recall of Officers

ARTICLE       V         Lead Legal Counsel and Employees

ARTICLE       VI        Membership Policies

ARTICLE       VII       Dues and Assessments

ARTICLE       VIII     By-Law Amendments

ARTICLE       IX        Separability – Full force and effect

ARTICLE       X         Definitions

ARTICLE       XI        Rule of Order

Article I – Name and Duration of Associations

1.1        This Association shall be known as Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Arizona (hereafter referred to as CLEAA or the Association), a professional association serving the law enforcement community. This Association shall be for the duration of the existing charter.

Article II – Objectives of Association

2.1        This Association shall be a non-compulsory and voluntary organization, composed of formally structured groups of law enforcement officers employed in the State of Arizona. The purposes of the Association are: to provide legal representation to law enforcement officials; to preserve and strengthen comradery among its members; to improve wages, to increase job security; strengthen procedures, civil rights, and liberties of its members and their families; and to maintain true allegiance to and faith in the laws of the State of Arizona and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Article III – The Executive Board

3.1        The executive board of the Association shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Membership Organizer. The Board shall provide policy direction to the employees of the Association as outlined in these bylaws. In addition to the powers enumerated by this Constitution, the Executive Board shall have the power to authorize:

  1. The expenditure of funds or use of property belonging to the Association for the effectuation of any of the objectives of the Association;
  2. The borrowing of money and pledging of property or securities of the Association as security therefore;
  3. The making of guarantees;
  4. The negotiation and securing of contracts; and
  5. The buying, selling, exchanging, renting, leasing, or otherwise acquiring or disposing of real or personal property.

3.2        The election of Executive Board members shall be held every two (2) years, with members holding office until their successor is elected and assumes office; the elected member voluntarily resigns; the office is vacated by the elected member’s death or disability; or the elected member is removed from office in a manner herein provided. No member of the Executive Board shall hold office in any organization designated by the Board as a rival organization.

3.3        Participating Association shall have no more than two representatives seated in any of the five standing Board positions unless other eligible candidates do not seek the offices. Nominations for Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Organizer shall be submitted at a regularly scheduled meeting and elected by majority vote of the present eligible voting membership. Eligibility for voting shall be determined by the size of the affiliated organization and shall be based on a current membership list of the organization (6.2 defined). Organizations shall be awarded one vote per 50 members in their organization (affiliate membership size of 0-50 =1 vote, 51-100= 2 votes, etc). Any candidate who holds an alternate position on the Executive Board other than the one for which said candidate is running in the current election, shall, if elected to the new position, resign the original position forthwith.

3.4        All candidates for the position of Board Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, or Membership Organizer shall be members in good standing (6.2 defined) of a participating association at the time the candidate seeks office.

3.5        The Chairman shall preside over the Association’s Executive Board meetings and shall have the following powers:

  1. Convene regular meetings of the Executive Board and at any additional time upon the request of a majority of the Board members;
  2. May attend meetings of participating associations when said attendance is requested or is in the best interest of the Association and its general membership;
  3. Appoint all committees provided for by this Constitution and by-laws.

3.6        The Vice Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman in the Chairman’s absence and any additional duties as may be directed by the Executive Board.

3.7        The Treasurer shall have the following duties:

  1. Keep accurate accounts of all financial transactions of the Association, oversee the receipt of all funds due and deposit in its name, and deposit or invest those funds in securities authorized by the Executive Board. The financial accountings shall be subject to audits with a comprehensive report being made to the entire membership as directed by the Executive Board.
  2. Prepare an annual budget proposal for the Executive Board annually, and upon further Executive Board request, outlining projected expenditures for the following year. This report (annual budget) shall be approved by the Executive Board at its last meeting of the year and presented to the annual membership meeting;
  3. Enforce appropriate regulations related to the reimbursement of expenses or other obligations incurred by elected officers, representatives and employees in the performance of their duties subject to the policies and procedures of the Association;
  4. Exercise such further powers, in addition to those enumerated, as are usual to his or her office and delegate any of his/her powers and duties under these by-laws, subject to the approval of the Executive Board;
  5. Keep accurate records of all financial transactions conducted by Board Members. The treasurer will maintain custody of the books and all financial records of the Association;

3.8        The Secretary shall have the following duties:

Keep a written record of any meetings and/or other proceedings. The secretary will maintain custody of all records and papers of the Association, excluding those maintained by the Treasurer for financial purposes.

3.9        The Membership Organizer shall have the following duties:

  1. Recruitment and membership outreach

3.10      The Government Affairs Director shall have the following duties:

  1. Chair the Legislative Affairs Committee;
  2. Chair the Endorsement Committee;
  3. Appoint a Deputy Legislative Affairs Director as necessary;
  4. Provide training opportunities for Association members in pertinent subject matters,             including lobbying, contract negotiations, etc.;
  5. Monitor all pending statewide legislation that impacts the Association’s members;
  6. Write and advocate for any legislation requests by member organizations and seeks sponsorship for legislation approved by the committee;
  7. Provide support to any member organization encountering problems with their local political subdivisions;
  8. Arranges candidate questionnaires and interviews;
  9. Testifies in legislative committees as necessary.

3.11      All checks, drafts and notes of the Association shall be signed by the Treasurer or the Board Chairman and provided that in the event of an inability or refusal of the Treasurer, any officer designated by the Executive Board may sign in his/her stead.

3.12      The compensation of the Executive Board, employees and expenditures for the payment of financial obligations shall be fixed by an annual budget. Any changes to the by- laws and/or approval of the annual budget shall by a majority vote of voting members present (according to the formula as prescribed in 3.3) and those submitting their vote by proxy, at a regularly scheduled membership meeting. Proxy votes are only allowed if they are carried and delivered to the Board by a member from the same association or another association with the same employer (if declared in writing).

 3.13      Any vacancy occurring in one of the five elected standing Board positions shall be filled by the Chairman of the Board or his or her successor with a member as defined in these by-laws. These appointments shall be effective until the next scheduled election, or the position may remain vacant. In the event that the office of Board Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer or Membership Organizer become vacant at the same time, the membership shall appoint an interim Board Chairman until such time as the vacant offices are filled in a manner consistent with this Constitution.


Article IV – Recall of Officers

4.1        On petition by a majority of the voting Association members, members of the Executive Board may be subject to a recall vote. The recall vote shall take place at the next scheduled meeting unless a special meeting is called for the purpose of a recall vote. Recalling an officer shall require a two-thirds (⅔) majority of the voting Association members (according to the formula as prescribed in 3.3) and done so by secret ballot.

Article V- Lead Legal Counsel and Employees

5.1        The Executive Board may hire employees as necessary, including a Lead Legal Counsel. The Executive Board shall retain the authority to set the overall vision, goals, budget, services plan and policies of CLEAA. The Lead Legal Counsel and other employees shall have the responsibility of administration and execution of the items set forth by the Board.

5.2        Lead Legal Counsel shall have the following duties:

  1. a. Act as the sole administrator of a legal plan that has been approved by the Executive Board;
  2. Act as the budget director of the legal plan, to include the employment of, appointment of or co-oping with other attorneys to assist in legal services delivery;
  3. Responsibly ensure the delivery of quality legal service to CLEAA members as deemed necessary or as deemed necessary by the Executive Board;
  4. Provide legal opinion to the Executive Board on policy decisions;
  5. Author and/or approve all legal documents to include contracts and agreements produced by CLEAA;
  6. Serve as the primary point of contact for legal inquiries;
  7. Ensure emergency legal callout services are administered to Association members.

5.3         Only the Executive Board, upon advice from the Lead Legal Counsel, can approve deviations from the approved legal plan.

 5.4  Administrative Assistant shall have the following duties:

  1. Receipt and processing of mail and packages.
  2. Collection of membership roster lists and dues payments.
  3. Deposit authority for CLEAA accounts.
  4. Maintenance of CLEAA website, facebook, twitter accounts
  5. Attendance at CLEAA meetings is expected and as deemed necessary.
  6. Act as the Secretary for CLEAA should the Executive Board Secretary not be available.
  7. Maintenance of computer records and files storage for CLEAA
  8. Purchase and stock “normal” office supplies
  9. Assist Executive Board members with travel and reservations, as needed


Article VI – Membership Policies

6.1        Any Arizona law enforcement officer, or other Board-approved class of members employed in the various political sub-divisions or agencies, shall be eligible for membership in the Association. If an agency with an affiliated participating association employs any law enforcement officer, as defined in this Article, or other non-sworn employee, these employees and law enforcement officers must belong to the local affiliated participating association in order to qualify for membership in CLEAA. If a law enforcement officer as defined in this Article, or other approved class employee drops his/her membership in the participating association, his/her membership in CLEAA shall also be terminated immediately.

6.2        All members in good standing shall have equal rights and privileges to participate in the election of officers, attend membership meetings, participate in the deliberation of business at such meetings, and express any views, arguments or opinions on any business properly brought before such meeting, subject to the rules of order. Good standing shall be further defined as remaining current with CLEAA dues payments and not participating in any affirmative adversarial action against the CLEAA organization.

6.3        All privileges of membership shall extend to any new member of a participating association upon receipt of and acceptance of a member’s application and dues. All privileges of membership shall be extended to any new participating association upon receipt of applications and dues from its leadership.

6.4        Any participating association who is arrears in the payment of dues (greater than thirty days delinquent), shall be summarily suspended from all rights and privileges of membership. A participating association who has been expelled for non-payment of dues or assessments may be reinstated upon payment of all monies due the Association and approval of the Board. (Dues payment is expected on the 20th of each month. If dues are not paid by the 20th of the following month then the delinquent association is suspended from all rights and privileges.) Legal Assistance Plan benefits recommence on the date of reinstatement of benefits, both Legal and Association, and shall not be retroactive to the date the participating association became delinquent. A participating association who becomes delinquent in payment of dues and is suspended assumes total and absolute financial responsibility for all legal expenses on any matter, event, or incident that occurred during the time benefits were suspended.

6.5        Any member in good standing may represent one vote for one association for voting purposes in CLEAA.

Each member, as defined in this Article, shall be deemed to have authorized the CLEAA Association and/or the participating association, as applicable, to act as his/her sole negotiating agent for the purpose of executing agreements with reference to wages, hours, and other conditions of employment, and such law enforcement member shall be bound by the terms and provisions of any such agreement.

  1. Each member, as defined in this Article, shall be deemed thereby to have authorized the CLEAA Association and/or the participating association, as applicable, to act exclusively as his/her agent, to represent, bind, and speak in the presentation, adjustment and settlement of all grievances, complaints or disputes arising out of an employer-employee relationship with the member’s employer. Every member shall have the right to appeal from any action or failure to act by the CLEAA Association or its agents in the presentation, adjustment and settlement of any such grievance, complaint or dispute affecting such member to the Executive Board of the CLEAA Association for their action.

6.6        The Executive Board, within its discretion, may create a class of membership within the criminal justice system other than law enforcement officers, such as a membership for retirees. Such special classes of members shall have only those rights and obligations as set forth by the Board.

6.7        No member shall engage in any conduct adverse to the best interest of the Association, commit, attempt, or direct activities, which are in violation of Federal statues or statures of the State of Arizona. Any member violating this section is subject to removal from office, disqualification from membership, and expulsion from the Association. In the event that charges are initiated against a member, the member shall be entitled to advance written notice of specific charges; a fair and impartial hearing; representation by counsel; and the right to appeal any decision adverse to the member.

6.8        Participating associations shall provide a current list of active members monthly with the submission of dues payments. Participating associations shall also ensure documents and dues payments for new members are forwarded during the month collected.

Article VII – Dues and Assessments

7.1        The Executive Board shall recommend any proposed dues or assessment increase to the voting membership. Any dues increase must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors, by proportion (3.3)

7.2        The payment of dues by the members of each Association shall be evidenced in an appropriate manner by the Treasurer.

7.3        Members shall have the right to a full and clear accounting of all Association funds. Such accounting may include but is not limited to, periodic reports to the Executive Board at normally scheduled meetings; periodic audits; an annual report (annual budget). Members, upon written request and during normal working hours, can inspect the records of the Association.

7.4        In the event of the permanent dissolution of the Association, all monies contributed by Participating Associations will be refunded to those Associations in the same proportion by which membership dues were collected in the last fiscal year of the operation of CLEAA.

Article VIII – By-laws and Amendments

8.1        These bylaws may be amended, as necessary, by a 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors, by proportion (3.3) voting membership present (as set forth in article 3.3) upon motion duly made and carried, at a regularly scheduled meeting, or a meeting scheduled for that purpose by the Chairman of the Board.

Article IX – Separability – Full Force and Effect

9.1        These bylaws shall be in full force and effect immediately upon adoption.

9.2        Any amendment to these bylaws shall be in full force and effect immediately upon adoption.


Article X – Definitions

Executive Board consists of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Organizer.

10.1     Board of Directors consists of presidents (or appointed representative) of each          member association within CLEAA.

  • Quorum is defined as 3 of 5 or 50% plus 1.


Article XI – Rule of Order

11.1      The parliamentary authority in CLEAA will be “Robert’s Rules of Order.”